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New ideas

Do you need new entertainment and enjoy great time with beautiful girls, who will take care about you? There exists erotic massage praha and everything is here only for you! You can choose from our list of procedures, would you like to try anything special or you want classic? During classic procedure you can have one or two masseuses by your choice. And what is she wearing? She has only sexy underwear and you definitely will love it. She will take care about you in luxury place, because we know that our rooms must look like Eden! In the beginning of all procedure you will have aromatic bath and you can enjoy it along your imaginations. After this bath you can only overlie and masseuse will pamper you by her canny fingers and your intimate parties will be also on program!

Perfect comfort

Each of us needs sometime soft care from someone experienced. Also erotic procedure can involve great head massage, when you can relax and it can be lead-up to your intimate massage. She will touch you not only by her fingers, but also by her bosom or maybe by all her body, if you will choose nuru procedure. You definitely should try this possibility, because it brings great experience and also it is good for your health (for blood circulation).